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  • Welcome to
    The White Blue
  • Welcome to
    The White Blue
The Architects Cottage. Built by a very well known Finnish architect using wood from our own forest.
The old Trapper Cottage. Lovingly restored and modernized.
The small, really big cottage. It can accommodate an entire family.
The little cozy cottage.

private trail on private island in the middle of the wilderness of Lapland .... hello .... who has something ..... YOU if you want!

The White Blue Wilderness Lodge consists of 4 block cottages, Lumi and Vesi in Muddusjärvi Lake and Hirsi and Mökki on Haraldjärvi Lake.

Experience report

"In a small parking lot somewhere in the middle of nowhere we change trains, into a vehicle, more spectacular than Dudu, or KID: a sleigh boat; a small ship on runners, furs on the seats and above us a gigantic starry sky. Jonas pulls the "snow cabriolet", as he calls it, together with us and our purchases and suitcases with the Skido over the frozen lake. We let ourselves be impressed by the phenomenal starry sky and head for an illuminated hut on a ledge. A snow-covered wooden house, with a veranda and conservatory. Inside there is a fire in the oven, flowers are on the table, the sauna is ready to go. Jonas shows us where to find the wood for the stove, where the snowshoes and cross-country skis are. From now on we can do what we want. The five days in Finland are shaped by this fantastic starting point ...


...After dinner it's aurora time. Actually, we mainly did the trip to see Northern Lights. After our first ride on the sleigh ship, I thought: No matter, it's spectacular enough! But when we stand on a lonely, snowy country road at night and let the Northern Lights illuminate a cathedral in the sky for the first time, we are speechless."